How to Change Cover Picture on Pinterest

How to Change Cover Picture on Pinterest

Change your Cover on Pinterest Profile

Here you will know how to Change Cover Picture on Pinterest Profile with this simple tutorial on iPhone, Laptop, or PC. One of the well-known social media platforms for sharing movies, pictures, gifs, reels, and stories is Pinterest. All users on this platform can look for information by searching for photographs, videos, and animated GIFs. Recently, Pinterest introduced the story feature, which enables users to post numerous images and videos.

In order to change the Cover Picture we can follow the steps shown below which can remove the hassle.

Change Cover Image on Pinterest from Desktop

1. First, open your Pinterest Profile

2. Click on the pen icon on the cover image using Desktop Computer or Laptop Browser.

How to Change Cover Picture on Pinterest

2. Click on ‘Change Cover‘, you will now be able to choose a Cover image for your Pinterest profile using an image in your drives.

Change Cover image on Pinterest using Mobile App

In order to change your Pinterest profile cover image using your Mobile App, follow these instructions.

1. Open the Pinterest Application on your Mobile Device. Click on the profile picture at the bottom of the app.

2. Click on the three dots at the top of your profile as shown below, then click on the ‘Edit cover image’ button on the popup that appears.


3. You can then change the cover by choosing an image that is in your phone drives.

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