10 Ways How to Make Money On Instagram in 2022


With over 1.2 billion users Instagram is the perfect interface to showcase your skills or products and reach the target audience. There are many ways on how to make money on Instagram. Around 500 million are active users, 90% of them follow a business, 60% are interested in brands, and 100 million users check out business profiles each day as per Instagram Business.

Therefore similar to TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat, users on Instagram are at an all-time high.

There are many ways people utilize the potential of online selling and make much money through commissions, creating videos, and selling their creations. Having your own website and hosting can increase the chances of getting emails of clients who can be targeted later. This can be used on Instagram as well.

It is of vital importance for us to start making money online as well as other full-time bloggers, even when I am writing this blog, one of my main aims is to create a great offer for my audience so that they purchase the best performing products which I recommend. This in turn gives me a commission from the product owner.

There are many ways through which people can make money on Instagram and it has increased ever since. You will need the right business model if you are looking to promote and have a high number of followers.

Here in this article, we share some of the top strategies through which you can make money online in 2022.

So let us begin.

How to Make Money on Instagram

People can make huge amounts of money on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo makes a whopping $2,397,000 per post on Instagram as per Hopper HQ. Of course, you need millions of followers and fame to get that much money. Therefore it varies by engagement, location, followers, and company that is interested to promote. Unless you are a big business don’t even try to promote on the top 100 list of celebrities.

In this article, we shall cover some of the best ways to make money on Instagram as an individual.

1. Promote Affiliate Products

To make a huge amount of money we can join Commission paying Affiliate Marketing programs. Many companies give commissions when you sell their products. You have to place the affiliate links which we obtain from these websites and paste them to the Instagram profile page. Depending on the value of the product the commission can range from 5 to 50% of the overall sales.

Most product and service websites have affiliate links, which is how they generate revenue including this website where we generate more than 80% of our revenue through affiliate marketing or reviewing other products. To do this we have to create accounts on affiliate networks with multiple products of many companies that can provide commissions. Or we can join individual websites such as Bluehost or Fiverr, you can search Google by typing “Company name + Affiliate program” to find if a company has an affiliate page. Some Affiliate Network companies are shown below:

Instagram does not allow direct linking to affiliate products but will allow links to be placed on the profile page. So it is better to use websites such as Linktree.com, that allow the use of multiple links and use that unique URL on your Instagram Profile so users can access multiple products or services. Similar to what stars Dwayne Johnson or Selena Gomez does for their Instagram Profile.

The Rock Instagram Affiliate Marketing
Image: TheRock Instagram

He has added multiple links to his products and partnerships in his Linktree account and promotes them to his 300+ million audiences daily on Instagram.

Linktree Links on The Rock Instagram Page
Image: The Rock Instagram

It is of utmost importance to add links to promote the company in the posts if you are promoting affiliate products or services. If a person has more than 10000 followers, they can use clickable Instagram stories to promote products. An example post is shown below:

Image: Mariano Instagram

Users cannot use links in posts but they can use ‘@ + Company Name’ to promote those companies in posts. If selling one product tell them to Visit the link on your Profile so as to click on your affiliate link. It is important to use a proper caption to sell the products with a clear view and make followers feel the need to buy the product using your link. Also, use the #affiliate hashtag in posts when promoting products since you receive commissions.

2. Be a Brand Ambassador for Companies

On Instagram, sponsored posts are very much effective to users, but most businesses want to build long-lasting connections with influencers, they look for brand ambassadors who can regularly promote their brands.

Given that Instagram is the most popular platform for influencer marketing, individuals may easily identify brand ambassador programs and work with businesses to promote their products there. Influencers are routinely given complimentary products by big brands to review and promote.

This lets you work for them and receive a high fee for doing their promotions. @Henry Cavill who starred in the Movie Man of Steel promotes one product on his Instagram page which is No1 Botanicals.

Brands are willing to have a long-term collaboration with him because of his highly engaged community of over 20 million devoted followers. In addition to inviting him to become a brand ambassador, companies offer him the opportunity to develop collections and co-branded goods. More than 23% of companies do not find their ideal brand ambassador online which makes it a great opportunity to get this job by communicating with brands online.

The majority of brand ambassadors enter into agreements with companies to promote their goods. Additionally, in order to achieve greater outcomes, marketers must locate an influencer whose fan base accurately reflects their target market.

Many small Brand Ambassadors typically earn between $500 and $100,000 a year, this represents a fantastic opportunity to make money. And for more followers, they will be paid much better. Due to an engaged audience, micro-influencers in a particular area are frequently more useful to marketers than big celebrities. so they sign contracts with these individuals and also they also offer them to chance to create capsule collections in their name and co-branded products.

3. Sell Physical or Online Products

If you are a business owner, you can recommend products to your followers, and hence not promote other company products. By doing this you get to keep the profits all for yourself and your company.

Instagram is a compelling platform that helps users to reach products that match their likes and want. Now, they have rolled out new features such as In-app checkout, shop button, product tags on posts, and shoppable stickers to ease the shopping process. This is very great for e-commerce companies.

One person who sells their own products is Kayla Itsines who promotes her workout programs. Kayla co-founded Sweat App and promotes most of the workouts on Instagram which allows serious action takers to buy products and programs from their apps & Websites.

Instagram: Kayla Itsines

If you sell e-com products you can also connect your Instagram Account to Square Online, this is a tool that lets you build a website by combining your posts in 3 easy steps – Connecting the account to square and getting approved, tag items in your posts and click publish to launch a shoppable page.

Image: Square

When users click on the tagged products on your posts, they will be taken to the product page which is created with Square. From there they can make payments. This is only if you don’t own a website, otherwise, you will need to connect your website.

Insta Product

Square online is a free tool and you only have to pay transaction fees. You can start with paid option when you want to have a domain with your own name and more other options.

4. Become a Niche Influencer

Influencers make a lot of money in today’s Digital World. Especially on Instagram where a user with at least 2000 followers can get started with getting brands to connect with them.

According to Social Toaster, 92% of individuals on Social Media prefer word-of-mouth recommendations, 76% of people surveyed trust products or services recommended by common people more than brands, 82% want referrals from friends before purchasing, and 88% trust online reviews by other consumers.

So as a matter of saying people’s recommendations, especially someone they follow or trust on Social platforms boost their confidence in making buying decisions. No wonder brands are trying to reach out to influencers to get shoutouts more and more.

What’s the best part, you ask? To start earning money from sponsored posts, you don’t need a large following. Even large brands like Starbucks want to collaborate with nano- and micro-influencers because most brands pay close attention to the engagement rate when selecting the ideal influencer.

You can receive an offer even if you have fewer than 1,000 Instagram followers because these influencers produce superior outcomes because the majority of their subscribers have in-person interactions with them.

Types of Influencers:

a. Nano Influencers:

They have around 1K to 10K followers and are mostly into reviewing brands and products. They are essential for mid-sized businesses to choose a cost-effective option for starting their influencer marketing campaigns.

b) Micro-Influencers:

A Micro influencer can vary from 10K-100K followers in order to be recognized by brands. Micro-influencers aren’t typical celebrities or any public figures.

One example is Valentin Bruneau, he has around 35K+ followers. He promotes Fashion, Digital, and Luxury Cars on his Instagram account and earns between $20k to $50k every year.

Image: Instagram

c) Macro Influencers:

They typically have 100k-1mn followers. They become famous through social media or stardom on the internet. Due to a large number of followers, there is little audience engagement. If you want to raise awareness of your business or items, they can be very helpful. They can greatly expand the reach of your brand.

d) Mega or celebrity influencers

They are well-known individuals with more than a million followers who have a lot of power. Their target market is highly diverse and global. Only approach them if you want them to serve as your brand ambassador and have a significant marketing budget. They can expose as many individuals as possible to your brand or goods across all demographics. Mega influencers are quite easy to find on Instagram.

Chris Hemsworth is a Mega Influencer for Boss Products. When Chris posts pictures of himself wearing BOSS suits, it imprints in the minds of his followers and potential consumers that they must use BOSS items if they want to be a gentleman like Chris Hemsworth.

5. Promote Courses, Coaching, or Masterclasses

If you are a creator you can sell courses from other people. Similar to linking to a blog or vlog, your followers can pay you directly for the service you’re offering rather than through business advertising on your page (or like Youtube ads).

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can provide online masterclass videos on Instagram and then make them choose an upgrade with a fee. Fitness influencers frequently use this technique to monetize their work; they may post brief workouts that are accessible for free and then link to longer programs that require payment.

Instagram Influencer @heynicolewong provides many tips and tricks about posting content, promoting your Instagram account, and getting brands to connect with you on Instagram and get paid. She is a basically from Thailand but settled in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Nicole Wong

She provides paid courses as well as providing short instructions on Instagram. This ensures that her information is still appealing to a large (non-paying) audience and also encourages people who are serious about learning the ropes to pay her for a complete subscription. Her complete backstory is mentioned on her profile, and how she left her 9-5 job to become a full-time Instagram Expert Fashion Influencer.

Many other famous online influencers like Nick Vujicic, Lee Brown, Vivek Bindra, Tony Robbins, and others make a living promoting Books, Meditation Courses, Motivational Speeches at meetings, and similar services.

6. Provide Social Media Marketing Services

Many Instagram users provide SMM services as an agency or as a Freelancer. It is a great way to earn money. Many companies start with freelance SMM services before creating an agency of their own. It is not easy to start a business in this field but will require much hard work in the initial stage by working with close friends, ex-colleagues, or people you know. Also, skills need to be increased on a constant basis by taking courses, watching professionals on Youtube, and reading books.

Once the client base is high and has enough experience to show as proof, you can reach out to companies on Instagram or Linkedin to offer them services for a better pricing strategy. Competition is on the rise for businesses, so brands will always need an extra hand on the Social Media and Online Advertising side even if they have already someone doing it for them.

Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media Marketing Expert and is considered a professional Social Influencer. She provides expert tips on Social media strategy, Instagram and Facebook growth hacks, and SSM Services. She was inspired to start this career from her own services, by leaving her 9-5 job and

Rachel Pedersen Facebook

Once she gained experience she started her Own Group and community for growing Social Media Marketers to learn how she did it.

Freelancers use her strategies to promote their services like how to get clients, sharing tips, organizing workdays, contract negotiations, and so on.

7. Become a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Influencer

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most growing phases of Online marketing by promoting other people’s products on Instagram.

One of the newest ways people have started becoming rich is by promoting High Ticket Courses to teach other individuals about Advertising, Affiliate Marketing or other. The people who choose the courses have the opportunity to leave their 9-5 jobs once they get fluent in this system and make enough money and be able to work from home. You will also be able to promote this course to others, where you will receive a 50 % commission and users will be able to make $10K and more every month.

Jonathan Montaya is one such Influencer who sells his Affiliate Marketing Course and teaches Individuals about growing their own business with this. He even sells other people’s products or software using email marketing and other marketing platforms.

Jonathan Montaya Instagram

Individuals have to buy a 3 Day course for $7 one time and if they are happy to move forward to the full tutorial, they have to invest $1400 in the program where they learn in-depth the complete strategy of Affiliate marketing, full 60 Days of Video Lectures, Complete Affiliate Marketing Setup, how to use Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube to lure clients, how to create videos, how to collect e-mails to make promotions and much more.

This will be beneficial to anyone who wants to start an online business as it covers all the basics to an expert level including creating websites and creating reviews of good products on Amazon or eBay and recommending them on Youtube or Social media pages.

8. Become a Personal Brand:

One of the most used ways to promote businesses and products is by becoming a Personal Brand where users influence the market and become an authority in a particular industry. By doing so individuals can promote their own business on Instagram by speaking daily to insist investors or clientele collaborate with them by which they too can gain monetary gains.

Some examples of them are Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Neil Patel, who promote their businesses by becoming a Voice on Social Media.

Grant Cardone Instagram

Grant Cardone gained recognition by becoming a great Real Estate Investor Mogul by which he became a multi-billionaire and now promoting his strategies on Instagram and Facebook to a wider audience who he engages using his Social Media team. By doing this, he gets investors as well as business partnerships on long-term projects in the USA. He even released the assured 5% yearly annualized gains or Profits on his Real Estate Investments to all those who took part in his partnership program as per his Instagram posts. Gran Cardone also promotes his 10X Sales Workshop to any business owners who want to get 10X sales in their business in US and online.

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks on Instagram and gained a lot of followers who are interested in Crypto, NFTs, Business Startups, Self Growth and Trust, and much more. By doing this he gets clients for his multiple businesses and is even invited to talk shows, exhibitions, and more.

9. Freelancing

Whether you are an artist, singer, designer, writer, wall painter, architect, or speaker; Instagram has multiple requirements for personalities of great talent. Showcasing your projects or talent on Instagram can get you deals from clients that can bring in a lot of money.

One such example is Artist Caroline Liu. Caroline Liu is a painter, muralist, and fiber artist currently living/working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Liu lived in Chicago where she painted murals throughout the area, as well as for international companies such Google, Facebook, and Vans.

Caroline Liu at Facebook Chicago

People like her have gained phenomenal attention by working for top companies. Similarly, Instagrammers in other fields too can get great opportunities like this. Dedication and Hard work are very essential no matter what work we choose, and daily posting of content on Instagram with the right Hashtag strategy will help posts stand out.

Instagram Bio can tell about a person to others, so it’s best to write what represents you and tell visitors the kind of work you do. Also it’s nice to include social proof or testimonials to showcase what others think of your services.

Instagram: Pratisha Patel

You can also look to working with clients directly by visiting their accounts and pitching your services to see if they are interested in working with you. Some individuals can also be reached out on Facebook and LinkedIn as well if they are not active on Instagram.

10. Buy and Sell Instagram Accounts

Buying already existing Instagram, Facebook Page or Youtube accounts on the web can increase your customer base and you can sell to the already existing followers. This is especially good for affiliate marketing or for agencies who want to increase their engagement fast, but not recommended for creators, influencers, or other businesses who are serious about direct growth.

Most individuals prefer buying already existing Accounts on Instagram which has a great following using Buy and Sell Websites like fameswap.com. The cost of accounts can vary from $200 and upwards for a 10,000-follower account. Also, keep in mind to choose an account that matches your Niche or passion. You can also flip this account to someone else for more money after gaining more followers.

The benefit of using such accounts include promoting products of other companies, getting paid for advertising, and recommending per post. The only issue with such accounts is that they cannot be used for influencer marketing as there is no face of the creator shown and it contains a mix of different kinds of posts. And most of the followers can be bots, so it’s essential to buy from a verified source or person but could be more expensive.

Best tips to make Instagram Work for you!

Choose your Passion or Niche:

When you plan to move forward with your Instagram Career it’s essential to choose the right Niche in your field. Carefully think about what you need so that you don’t keep changing halfway. If you are looking to get your shop up and running on Instagram, it is very much more powerful compared to all other social platforms and to get the right audience.

Be Authentic:

Whenever you create and post pictures or posts, people will see them and feel intrigued to click and check them out. Especially if it is from a person that they adore so much. Even when you are starting out, always be genuine about the content and make sure it brings interest to the person going to see it. Instagrammers love genuine people who post the right stuff.

Also, the Instagram algorithm is based on the Relevance of posting. If you post the right content that your followers find valuable, they will see it more on their feeds and also gets more chances of reaching a similar audience who could follow you.

Be Consistent:

Instagram allows people to post at any point of day or night. You have to be consistent in posting daily or twice weekly to have a chance of being in the spotlight. It’s essential to represent a story of how you made it and how others too can achieve similar results in a way by marketing yourselves if you are looking to develop a personal brand.

Build Trust

Instagram is a great place for your audience to engage with your business. People like to work with who they can trust in the future, so always try to get active and communicate with them in comments or messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money on Instagram?

Instagram is a great place to make money, millions of entrepreneurs make money here selling their services. That is why Facebook bought the Website in the first place. Making sure to follow with passion and selling products can make you as well a lot of money.

First, it is essential to research what will work for you. This will help you to choose your field and you have to eat and sleep in it. Being constant can get your account recognized and people will reach out to you. Even if you have 1000 followers you can still get brands to collaborate.

Can I Sell Products on Instagram?

Yes, You can always promote products on Instagram. But there are limitations to the kind of products you can sell such as Alcohol, Nude Art, Sexual Products, and so on. This can also get your account deactivated for breaking policies. You will need 10000 followers to add links to stories.

Connecting with the Square app can get you a free website if you want to get sell products and also tag your posts.

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