Stop Google from Changing Business Name on Google Profile

Stop Google from Changing Business Name or profile updates

How to Stop Google from Changing Business Name

Google Bots allow changes to business information, services that are provided by your business by taking details from customers or from other sources. So it keeps changing vital information or adding new attributes to enhance your profile as in the Offline Space.

Here we will share how you can enhance your Business Profile without Google changing information automatically without your permission.

To Stop Google from Changing Business Name:

1. Firstly you will need to login to your Business account on Google, mostly Gmail accounts.

    2. Visit Business Profile Page

    3. Select One or more Business you would like to Discard Updates for.

    Stop Google Business Name Updates
    Choose the Business or Shop

    5. Click on Actions on the Top Right and Select Discard. Select all the updates you would like to discard and click Discard as shown below.

    Stop Google from Changing Business Name
    Select to Discard

    Thats it, you are done. Now most of the time, Google updates for Business Name, address and others will be stopped for your business even from Customer Feedback or some competition editing your business. You may get occasional Emails telling Business Name has Changed as per Google feedback, but dont bother.

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