Top Best and Free URL Shorteners in 2022

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Purpose of using URL Shorteners

I frequently utilize URL shorteners as a marketer to create trackable URLs for usage in various campaigns. Short links are practical to use, simple to remember, and most importantly, they make it possible for me to understand my audience by looking at the analytics. They also allow cloaking of links rather than them looking long and ugly, URL shorteners hide the original long links and make them small and decent looking.

Some URL Shorteners:

Here are a few of my suggestions to look out for.

Bitly may be a name you are already accustomed to. It is the most widely used link shortener online by major bloggers and businesses. On their free plan, they offer a good selection of possibilities.

  • Intuitive
  • Several options that are free
  • Good analytics
  • Very pricey if you need more options, like branded domains

If you require a URL shortener that prioritizes your branding, take a look at You may make, customize, and shorten links using your own domain with features an excellent lesson collection that will walk you through every feature of the platform, making it simpler than ever to establish and track branded URLs.

  • Free Plan Available
  • Great Choices
  • Good analytics
  • Some Limitations to usage
  • No Access to the API
Premium URL Shortener

We have been using Premium URL Shortener for a while now, and really like it. For such a low cost, it offers a tonne of functionality. This offering comes packaged with almost everything Bitly and have to offer. Custom QR codes and Linktree-like profiles are now supported thanks to recent updates.

  • Self Hosting Feature
  • Great Analytics
  • Modern User Interface
  • Easy to install and many more features
  • Requires a Hosting Service
Polr URL Shortener

Similar to Premium URL Shortener but free, the open-source link shortener Polr enables you to run your own URL shortener. It offers several fundamental capabilities right out of the box and is a great substitute for a quick tool.

  • Built upon Lumen Framework, a stunningly fast PHP micro-framework¬†for building web applications with expressive, elegant syntax.
  • Modern User Interface
  • API System Allocation
  • Technical knowledge is required
Yourls URL Shortener

Similar to Polr, YOURLS, or your own URL shortener, is a free self-hosted link shortener. Despite being rather outdated and having a poor user interface, this link shortener is highly effective. But it does the job quite well.

  • Community-driven and User friendly
  • API System
  • Lots of plugins
  • Great Analytics
  • Lots of Features
  • Old User Interface
  • A bit slow at large number of URLs

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