How to get Bluetick Verified on Facebook

How to get Bluetick Verified on Facebook

Getting verified on Facebook could be the best way to stand out from fraudsters or even scammers who make duplicate accounts similar to yours. So here we will discuss some ways how to get Bluetick Verified on Facebook.

How to get bluetick verified on Facebook for your page or profile

Not everyone can become verified or get a Bluetick mark ☑️ on Facebook.

  • You need to be an Artist, public figure, or someone of significant influence.
  • It’s Easy to apply using the Desktop Version of Facebook.
  • You can apply for verification for your page or profile.
How to get Bluetick Verified on Facebook
Image: Facebook Verified ☑️ on Selena Gomez’s Page

The Tick mark ☑️ is used to represent someone’s page on Facebook as Legit to the Audience. Many people are being scammed these days by people claiming to be celebrities when they are only small companies trying to make money from illegitimate means. Anyone claiming that they are selling verification is surely spamming as it is wholly given for free by Facebook and Instagram.

What all are required to get verified on Facebook:

If you are someone looking to get the blue check mark then you need to have the following to qualify:

  • A cover photo
  • A profile photo
  • A name that is in accordance with guidelines
  • Content posted to the account on a regular basis
  • Be able to provide government-issued proof such as a Passport, Govt. ID and so on.
  • Be able to provide a document which can include utility bills, organizations incorporation documents, and tax filings all with watermarks or stamps as required by Facebook for company pages.
  • Provide up to 5 other public profiles on different social platforms.

So How do we apply to get verified on Facebook?

  1. First Log into Facebook using your account details.
  2. Click here to go to this page below
Image: Submit documents on Facebook Help Center

3. Click Send after filling out the form. You should receive a reply once they make a decision through notification or via e-mail.

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