Top Best and Cheap Hosting Providers for WordPress

Looking for reviews of the top best and cheap hosting providers, you are at the right place. Beginners to big companies use these hosting services and they highly recommend them. From the highest security to world-class speed in page loading, these hosting providers can fulfill your business needs ...

What is an SSL and what are its uses?

What does an SSL stand for: SSL certificates use something many refer to as open key cryptography. SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer. it allows an encrypted communication bridge between a web browser and web server. Currently in use by all legitimate businesses which counts over millions of ...

Frequently used Terms in Website and Hosting

Domain: When going to a website what is the first thing we need? Of course the web address. The Web address is also called a domain, we have to register the domain on a hosting server. For this, we need to buy a domain name and a hosting service to run the domain. There are many domains you can ...